About Kindred Calligraphy

Hello! My name is Clara and I am the founder and creator of Kindred Calligraphy. I spent my childhood days climbing trees when I probably should have been practicing my times tables, my junior high trying to fit in while running to my trumpet lessons, my high school career playing in all the school bands trying to prove to everyone I wasn't a band nerd, and my college years taking random courses, playing in the college concert band, while discovering my love for craft beer. Needless to say I love music. my life can be told in a string of songs that when I hear them, I am taken to a specific place, time and emotion. 28 years of life has brought me exactly to this point in life and I wouldn't have it any other way. Creating is my game and what began with a beginner calligraphy book grew to a love for the art of lettering. I am a modern calligrapher and an artist of letters. I create from the beauty ofdaily life. If I can spark an emotion or memory when someone reads one quote, that is everything. 

Stay true and creative

Clara Adame - Owner

Bringing inspiration to you from my life and the things that have shaped me to be who I am today!